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Vidhani Brothers Ltd trades as Teritex Sportswear (www.teritex.com), and since 1978 has specialised in football accessories. The company has a comprehensive range of various diameter and gauge circular knitting machines. The company is therefore ideally placed to produce tubular knitted technical textiles.

The company has also carried out 3D embroidery, Kevlar glove and Kevlar protective arm guards for Archery along with Tubular Filtration fabric production for use in the Chemical Industry to a high spec using polypropylene plus Hip Socket protective ‘socks’ for companies such as 3M to name but a few.

The company has experience in knitting Glass Fibre, Carbon Fibre, Aramid Yarns, Polyester Yarns, Acrylic Yarns, Kevlar, Polyproplene, and Nylon.

The company maintains constant contact with academic centres to look at new technical textiles.

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